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Operations BPO Services

Operations BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing and Back Office Support Services for Employee Benefits TPAs

TPAs face many operational challenges that can prevent them from getting to where they want to grow.

Labor costs are increasing for even the lowest-level tasks. During enrollment and other periods of peak demand, management is faced with overworking staff, training temporary help, or both.

In partnership with Accelergent Growth Solutions we offer extensive account processing, claims, and payment processing services for CDH and COBRA plans. Regardless of administrative platform, we can help TPAs reduce operational costs by up to 60%, increase efficiency, and prepare for growth on any scale.

Comprehensive BPO Services

Outsourcing services and back-office support for employee benefits TPAs

Think of DataPath Operations BPO as a secure extension of your own team. Skilled, experienced, and highly accurate, we are able to ramp up or down quickly as your needs dictate. Our extensive menu of BPO services include items such as:

  • Employer plan setup and renewal
  • Participant enrollment and re-enrollment
  • Participant demographics and status changes
  • Contribution reconciliation
  • Online/mobile claims adjudication
  • Debit card claims adjudication
  • Claims entry for faxed and emailed claims
  • Printing and mailing fulfillment services
  • Preparing raw data files for import processing
  • Importing and processing carrier claims
  • Generating employer invoices
  • Developing custom data and report extracts
  • Supplemental customer service and research
  • Turnkey account administration

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

All Benefit Plan Types

Experienced and Accurate

Affordable FTE Pricing

Task-Based, Project-Based, or Turnkey

Experienced Staff with Proven Results

Impressive results for a wide variety of plan types, including complex plans and tiered benefits

Since DataPath Operations BPO works only for benefits TPAs, our performance statistics are based on CDH, COBRA, and billing processes that your team undertakes every day. Our numbers aren’t inflated by unrelated work done for companies in other industries.

DataPath also provides services such as manual entry, data importing and exporting, Employee Navigator file processing, automation scripts and more, all accompanied by both peer and management reviews to maintain quality. In fact, our clients report an overall accuracy rate higher than 99%!

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
overall Accuracy rate: >99%
Customers served! $ 10 million in CDH contributions
Customers served! > 10 million CDH claims
Customers served! 10 + CDH enrollments / re-enrollments
Customers served! > 10 COBRA plan setups
Customers served! 10 + COBRA election notices
Customers served! > 10 COBRA enrollments
Customers served! 10 + COBRA transactions

Prepare for Growth on Any Scale

Add new revenue streams with simplified Direct Billing

DataPath Operations BPO empowers TPAs to get where they want to grow by saving time, conserving resources, and focusing on core competencies such as quality and growth that create more value for their companies, clients, and participants.

  • For most TPAs, the money saved by outsourcing goes straight to the bottom line.
  • Operations BPO also frees up staff to provide higher quality customer service.
  • DataPath BPO even frees you up to focus on core competencies that create more value for your company, clients, and participants.

Between our affordability, consistent quality, comprehensive services, and year-round availability, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Get where you want to grow with DataPath Operations BPO.

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