Brochure: DataPath COMPASS™ Card

DataPath’s COMPASS™ card gets TPAs where they want to grow with a highly customizable debit card that can support almost any benefits program.

COMPASS™ enables third-party administrators (TPAs) to utilize a full-featured debit card in support of almost any type of benefits program. Backed by over a decade of experience in end-to-end card processing, the DataPath COMPASS™ card helps TPAs address employers’ specific needs, parameters, usage restrictions, and supported benefits accounts while delivering a first-class customer experience.

The COMPASS™ card is designed for use with lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs), employee perks and bonus plans, qualified disaster relief payments under IRS Section 139, and similar employee benefit programs. COMPASS™ will also support Medicare Advantage and Medigap/Medicare Supplement reimbursement plans for active employees and retirees.

Get where you want to grow with the DataPath COMPASS™ card.

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