DataPath Summit

DataPath Summit is the first platform purposely built to be a single, all-encompassing solution for administering CDH accounts, COBRA, billing, and well-being benefits.

DataPath Summit

COBRA and Billing

Manage COBRA, retiree, and direct billing

CDH Account Administration

Administer FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, Transit and more

Well-Being Benefits

Manage versatile accounts for employee well-being

Developed specifically with TPAs in mind, DataPath Summit streamlines benefits administration for FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, ICHRAs, EBHRAs, QSEHRAs, Lifestyle Spending Accounts, Dependent Care accounts, Transit and Parking accounts, COBRA, Retiree Billing, and Direct Billing.

Summit also includes integrated financial processes such as debit cards, electronic payments, and investments.

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COBRA and Billing

Manage COBRA, retiree, and direct billing

  • Event-based notice generation
  • Automatically monitored events
  • Action item alerts
  • Time-frame tracking
  • Flexible loss-of-coverage options
  • Document fulfillment services with competitive rates
  • Flexible payment options for beneficiaries, including check, ACH, mobile app, or third-party payments
  • Retiree and Direct Billing – manage custom billing needs, including collecting premiums for retiree plans, group health benefits, leaves of absence, individual Marketplace payments, parking fees, union dues, and more

Administer FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, Transit and more

  • FSAs – easily administer health, dependent care, and limited purpose FSAs
  • HSAs – manage accounts, investments, and banking in a single platform. Participants can enroll online, make elections, and self-certify expenses
  • HRAs – provide traditional HRAs as well as ICHRAs, EBHRAs, and QSEHRAs. Set up nearly unlimited plan designs, from simple to the most complex, customizable at the tier level. Build additional plans for medical, dental, vision, student loan reimbursements (SLRAs/SLRPs), and more
  • Transit - offer Section 132 benefits for transit fare, commuter vehicle, and parking accounts
  • Nondiscrimination testing
  • Available plan document templates
  • Account-linked debit card offers a seamless payment solution for stacking multiple accounts on a single card. Modify MCC / IIAS restrictions at the plan level
  • Hands-off reimbursements via ACH and check fulfillment services

Manage accounts for employee well-being

  • Assist employers in providing employees with access to products, services, and activities that improve overall well-being
  • Create flexible pre- and post-tax accounts to accommodate nearly any account-based reimbursement plan
  • Enable employers to provide a wide array of employee bonuses and perks
  • Offer qualified disaster relief payments under IRS Section 139
  • Manage a wide variety of employee support programs (gasoline, groceries, heating oil, propane, etc.)
  • Administer debit cards for Medicare Advantage / Medigap / Medicare Supplement programs for active employees or retirees

Quick, Easy Account Setup

Powerful Data Exchange

Automated, On-Demand Reporting

Secure Broker Access

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Mobile App

Summit’s ability to handle anything related to ARPA was an A+ job! DataPath helped us make sure we had all of our T’s crossed.

Greg Bowman

Owner | President

DataPath has been a big help to Comparative Solutions. We've always found them to be knowledgeable and responsive. Whatever challenge might come up, we know they'll have our backs.

Thea Feltzs

President and CEO

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