DataPath Summit: Partner Marketing
Partner Marketing: Where do you want to grow?

Partner Marketing

Partner Marketing

Get where you want to grow with specialized marketing support

Rather than competing with our clients, DataPath focuses on equipping them to get where they want to grow – and one way we do this is through our extensive partner marketing program.

DataPath Summit clients have access to a large variety of print and video resources and services to help with benefits marketing and educational efforts to employers, employees, and brokers.

Educational and Enrollment Resources

The Adventures of Captain Contributor™

Client Rewards

Educational and Enrollment Resources

Hundreds of print and video resources

Our partner marketing portal includes hundreds of print and video resources, such as:

  • Tax-advantaged benefit account comparisons
  • FSA and HSA enrollment booklets
  • Healthcare debit card FAQs
  • Eligible/ineligible healthcare products and services
  • And lots more!

Nearly all materials are available in three distinct print design themes to help our TPAs communicate more effectively with their diverse audiences.

Partner Marketing Collateral

The Adventures of Captain Contributor™

Award-winning Benefits Education and Employee Engagement Program

Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress

DataPath developed this proprietary, one-of-a-kind benefits education and employee engagement program exclusively for use by our clients and their customers.

The program covers employer-sponsored benefits, including FSAs, DCAPs, HRAs, ICHRAs, EBHRAs, QSEHRAs, HSAs, Transit/Commuter, COBRA, debit cards, and more.

Captain Contributor features a comprehensive website, active blog and social media presence, extensive print and video resources, podcast recording, and selected sales support items.

Partner Marketing Awards

Honors and Awards

Launched in 2017, the program has won many national and international awards for effectiveness and creativity.

Client Rewards Program

Unique Client Rewards Program Exclusively for DataPath Clients

The only structured rewards initiative of its kind in our industry, DataPath Dollars™ recognizes client tenure, product licensure, usage volume, and more through points accumulation and redemption.

Clients can use their rewards for marketing and educational resources, sales support materials, conference registrations, selected custom marketing services, and more.

Neil Bartholomew

DataPath’s Partner Marketing is a wonderful resource and their marketing team is easy to work with. Their work helps differentiate us and enables us to provide the best possible branded service and relationships.

Partner Marketing Resources

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Partner Marketing: Where do you want to grow?