Use Your FSA to Stock Up On Back-To-School Supplies

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The annual school supplies shopping trip can be an expensive endeavor. Did you know that some items commonly found on classroom supply lists are eligible for FSA accounts? Read on to learn more.

FSA for Back-to-School

Basic first-aid supplies and COVID-related PPE, including masks and hand sanitizer, are on many back-to-school supply lists this year. These are eligible for purchase with FSA funds.

Many families also use back-to-school shopping time to buy over-the-counter medications that come in handy during the school year. These may include pain relievers, fever reducers, cold and flu remedies, and home thermometers.

If your children participate in sports, you may be stocking up on products like elastic bandages, braces, heat and ice packs, and wound care supplies such as antibacterial ointments.

Finding Eligible Products

If unsure whether some items on your list on eligible, check your FSA administrator’s website for a list of eligible products. You can also look at*, the only online retailer that offers only FSA-eligible products and services.

Finally, search the website of major retailers such as WalMart or Target for the term “FSA” to find eligible items. If shopping in-store, look for “FSA-approved” shelf-tags.

Compare your classroom lists to FSA eligibility lists this year to see if you can save a little on Back-to-School supplies.

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